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Just a guy who writes about life, technology and artificial intelligence. Website:

This is my attempt to write and explain using my own words the paper published in Elsevier in 2019. This paper discusses the limitations and applications of artificial intelligence with respect to clinical interpretation of chest radiograph. Here is a link to the paper:

Recognition and appreciation

Special appreciations to the authors of…

This is my attempt to write and explain using my own words the joint paper from Google Brain and Cornell University published in NIPS 2019. The paper discussed the central questions of transfer learning. Here is a link to the paper:


If you do not know why I am doing…

“When defining genius, it’s also important to realize this is a status that is never fully reached. Instead, it is something to aspire to.”- I. C. Robledo, The Secret Principles of Genius: The Key to Unlocking Your Hidden Genius Potential.

Two months ago, I wrote about my failed attempt…

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Who is the busiest person in the world?

History is peppered with names of inspiring geniuses, written on the sands of time, who became catalyst of innovation and evolution. These geniuses existed with a splendid nature of diversity. While some appeared in overly large lab coat with the habitude of…

You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.

There are different levels in volunteering. While some give their time, skills and resources, others do not mind giving their money. In the recently concluded ALC 4.0, I met with the “others”: a group of relentless volunteers that are uber-passionate about building the technical pipeline of talents in Africa…

#Rule 1: Everybody is disabled, just in different ways

The inspiration behind this article is my friend, Monica Ghaliwa, the first female visually impaired journalist in Sierra Leone. …

Image by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay

With my mind’s eye I see a world full of limitless possibilities: A world were learning is effortless for some balmy reasons; a world were reading becomes a culture and a way of existence. This is a new dawn that we must embrace. This is the future of education.

This article is the second part in the series — Mastering Web Scraping with Python. If you did not read the first part, you can start from below.

Series Intermission

  • Mastering Web Scraping with Python — Introduction part 1
  • Mastering Web Scraping with Python — Introduction part 2 (you are here)
  • Mastering…

Web scraping, also known as screen scraping, data mining, web data extracting or web harvesting; is a method of extracting large amounts of data from a website. The extracted data are then analysed bringing out deductions and inferences from the data.


I watched an Udemy course on “Web Scraping with…

Babies are the cutest everrr. Aren’t they?

It’s a common rule of thumb to forget the story and celebrate the glory. Without mincing words, no one is interested in your merciless drudgery or the amount of time you put in getting things done. The shame-shamble history repeats itself; we all want to be celebrated. Most of…

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