My Quest for Becoming a 21st Century Genius

“When defining genius, it’s also important to realize this is a status that is never fully reached. Instead, it is something to aspire to.”- I. C. Robledo, The Secret Principles of Genius: The Key to Unlocking Your Hidden Genius Potential.

July 2019

I fancy lab coat a lot too :)

What inspired this post?

A picture of my notion board on the 12th of June 2020

How do I plan to achieve this?

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” — Pablo Picasso

What obstacles are in the way?

What is my backup plan?

A picture of my notion board while coming up with the name: AI Black Box

What Next?

[Update] Next article ↓



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Tobiloba Adejumo

Interested in biomarker development, software dev and ai, as well as psychology, history, philosophy, relationships. Website: